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This page is intended to form basis of a 2300AD Sourcebook for the planet Joi in the 61 Ursae Majoris system.

The site is maintained by Jonathan Pearson but is a collaborative project by several people.

Contributing Authors

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System & Planetary Information

System Information by Jonathan Pearson

Common History by Jonathan Pearson

Joiography - Planetary Maps and Images by Jonathan Pearson

Common Joian Calendar by Jonathan Pearson

Colony Information

Elysia (Former French Colony) by Jonathan Pearson

The Economic Development of Elysia by Jonathan Pearson

The History of Elysia up to 2284 by Jonathan Pearson - to be continued

Elysian Armed Forces by Dan Hebditch

The British Colony of New Cornwall by Dan Hebditch

Under Construction

The German Colony of Landeplatz-Frederich Der Grosse (Halbinsel)

The Japanese Colony of Tosashimizu (Samurai Bay)

The Azanian Colony of Lubumbashi

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